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Hips and Haws

With the cold weather upon us, one of my favorite things to do is to walk around and spot for the telltale signs of little red kisses of hawthorn berries and rosehips among the turning yellow of trees and bushes. Just a warm hearted reminder that there's still something left to forage before winter comes. And to top it off, they provide fantastic remedies to cheer and uplift the heart during our dreary Pacific Northwest winters. Not to mention, really does anyone need an excuse to go out to forage and explore and not stay indoors working in a stuffy insipid environment?  Honestly, I ADORE hawthorn. And cannot tell you how nerdy and giddy I get when I do talk about hawthorn. As a kid I grew up on a candy called hawflakes as my staple ... that and black currant gummy pastilles from Ribena. Imagine me squealing in delight when I figured out that hawflakes were made from hawthorn berries!!!! My old childhood obsession just grew exponentially. I can MAKE hawflakes now... or hawt

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